How Scanability Delivers Low Cost of Ownership

Cost of ownership will always be a major factor in any upgrade or change you might be considering for your business’s technical infrastructure. At the end of the day, the key to effectively reducing your cost of ownership is emphasizing the “ownership” portion of the equation. The more you can do with your existing configuration, and the fewer hands you have to get involved with supporting and enhancing it, the lower your costs will be.

ERP Suites Scanability is the only JDE barcode scanning solution with an architecture built with Orchestrations. For companies running JD Edwards with barcode scanning technology, you can reduce costs by enhancing your ownership in two critical ways: 


Building on Your Current Configuration 

If you’re already utilizing custom programs within JD Edwards, ERP Suites can use orchestrations to integrate your custom logic for Scanability without having to rewrite any of your existing code. Other leading scanning solutions, such as DSI’s dcLink, require that your custom programs be entirely rewritten to integrate with their application. This means that third-party developers will have to get involved: a ready-made recipe for implementation delays, increased support costs, and potentially complicated coordination efforts, especially if things go awry and you have to test and retest through a trial-and-error process before the developers get it right. 


Keeping it In-House 

A good support solution should enhance rather than intrude. Because Scanability eliminates the need for third-party developers, your own in-house JD Edwards admins can handle your routine support and maintenance requirements, greatly simplifying the upgrade and testing process and freeing you up to do things your way while saving you both time and money. You’ll also have the confidence that comes with a robust architecture you’ve already tested and proven in your day-to-day operations. 


JD Edwards is known for its low cost of ownership as an ERP system. Integrating Scanability is the logical choice for companies looking to keep their ERP costs down but need automated data collection.