The 2 Reasons You Can Implement Scanability Fast

Implementing any change in a business operation is always an uncomfortable prospect to at least some degree. To be truly advantageous, change needs to take place as quickly and smoothly as possible, with the least potential for disrupting your day-to-day operations. When it comes to implementing a scanning solution, ERP Suites Scanability provides a solution that builds on your existing strengths, thus offering greater reliability and a faster path to implementation in two primary ways: 

JDE-Specific Core Flows

Our industry experience in warehouse and supply chain gives ERP Suites Scanability a real-world advantage. This industry experience combined with years of JDE and Orchestrator expertise has allowed us to create a good set of core flows that are JD Edwards-specific. Our core flows are highly customizable via processing options, so customers typically accomplish more with 25+ core flows than they do with hundreds of workflows from other scanning solutions.  

Using JDE-specific flows is more reliable than third-party solutions because you aren’t adding more into your JDE system and are required to perform constant updates. Scanability leverages JDE, while others build onto it. 


For customers who choose not to use core flows, or who customize their core standard flows, Scanability can quickly turn standard orchestrations into custom workflows. These Orchestrations can be plugged in as building blocks to the larger flow. This facilitates a faster time to implementation because all of the pieces are pre-built, so you don’t have to spend time creating and testing entirely new flows. 

Utilizing orchestrations also significantly benefits customers who use custom programs. As long as your program works within JD Edwards, we can re-leverage all of the custom logic you’ve already built into it without having to rewrite it. This not only gets you to implement faster, but because you’re utilizing your own existing code, it’s already going to be battle-tested and therefore more reliable. Other popular scanning solutions, such as DSI dcLink, cannot incorporate custom code. Instead, their developers have to rewrite everything, meaning that you’ll not only have to wait for them to rewrite the program, but you’ll also have to test it to make sure it works correctly. If there’s a problem with the new code, you’ll then have to go right back to the drawing board, and this could mean significant delays your business can ill afford.