4 Scanability Security Features Enhancing JDE Protection

Securing your JD Edwards system is essential. Securing the third-party integrations that make your JD Edwards system tick is just as important. For customers who choose to use ERP Suites Scanability, we have several security features within the mobile scanning solution, layered on top of the security features already present within JD Edwards to protect your key asset - not to mention the peace of mind you'll be investing in with our dedicated support team

In this blog, we’ll zoom in on the four security features Scanability offers that work with existing measures within JD Edwards to enhance and strengthen security and protection.

Scanability Overview

ERP Suites Scanability is the only JD Edwards barcode scanning solution with an architecture built with Orchestrations. It is designed explicitly for JD Edwards users – it is bound to JDE, not third-party hardware. Communication happens within your network, eliminating latency issues experienced with external sources.

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By utilizing Orchestrations, Scanability takes advantage of the business flows and processes you’ve already configured and defined within your JD Edwards system. This creates a consistent solution with JD Edwards that is reliable, and cost effective – patches, upgrades, modifications, and personalization are all taken into account inherently with Orchestrations.

Scanability Security Features

As such, Scanability’s security model leverages the robust security architecture already in place within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (E1), while adding an additional layer of control specific to scanning workflows and data. This multi-tiered approach helps ensure sensitive information and transactions remain secure.


Scanability utilizes the full-ranging potential of Orchestrations. Orchestrations are the building blocks that when strung together, comprise workflows. The administrator can restrict which flows individual users can access. This provides another layer of access control. Orchestrations are the pieces that allow communication with E1 (in some cases, with external systems, too.)

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Through Orchestrations, Scanability inherits the E1 security configurations that customers already have established for user access and permissions. This includes controls like password policies and role-based access that authenticate users at login. If a user's E1 credentials expire or their permissions change, it will impact their ability to access Scanability as well.

Admin Portal

The admin portal further controls whether specific workflows are accessible to individual users/roles through their available menu options. Admins define the available menu options and functions on a per-user basis.

Scanability Logging and Tracking

All Orchestrations calls and errors are tracked, allowing logs and error messages in analytics to provide visibility into any unauthorized access attempts or keep track of issues for future troubleshooting measures.


While most deployments integrate with the cloud for analytics and updates, Scanability also supports fully on-premises “air-gapped” installations. In highly regulated environments, all communication and data can remain entirely contained behind the customer’s firewall for maximum security. Logs and error messages still provide visibility, without exposing any sensitive information outside the network.

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Secure Deployment Options

Scanability's multi-tiered security model honors customers' existing E1 security configurations, while the admin portal and orchestration controls add an extra layer of access management specific to scanning workflows and data. This comprehensive approach helps ensure sensitive scanning operations and information are securely accessed and managed.

Secure Your Business

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. From hardware to systems to apps and beyond, keeping your sensitive information private is essential for keeping your business running. To learn more about the powerful security features offered by Scanability, reach out to us here.