David Schenz

David Schenz

David Schenz is a leader in building teams that deliver complex business systems transformations and roll-outs. With nearly ten years SAP experience, he offers deep knowledge of retail accounting processes, insurance accounting, and retail business strategies. As Director at ERP Suites, David guides employees toward a common goal of helping customers achieve optimal success.

Handling invoice variances with three-way match in SAP MM-LIV

One challenge often faced in accounts payable is how to handle variances in the three-way match when posting invoices. SAP has a very robust process for ensuring that invoices are matched against the PO and GR. In this three part series, first, we'll review the business process and how SAP enables it. Second, we'll discuss handling variances through posted invoices in MIRO. Third, we'll discuss handling variances through parking invoices and...

Performing GL conversions correctly

It amazes me that GL conversions go so wrong so often. The recipe is straightforward and if the legacy data is good enough, there is rarely an excuse to have trouble during GL conversions. Yet, I've seen quite a few go off track. So in this series of posts, I'd like to talk about the critical points to doing them correctly.

How to configure SAP GL document splitting

The document splitter plays a crucial part in the derivation of profit center and consequently in the preparation of management financial statements. Now we'll take a deep dive into document splitting.

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