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Top 10 Features of JD Edwards Release 24 to Make Your Life Easier

What better way to ring in the new year than with JD Edwards’ Release 24? Over the past year, Oracle has been developing numerous features,..
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New Orchestrator Studio Features and Tips

The magic behind Orchestrator Studio, the powerful automation tool within JD Edwards that allows users to create and customize business processes and..
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INFOCUS 2023 Conference

It’s time for another INFOCUS conference September 27-29. ERP Suites will be on prem (get it?) with several team members, including three who will be..
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Products and People the Main Focus of Blueprint 4D 2023

Products and people took the focus at this year’s Blueprint 4D Conference in Dallas, Texas. ERP Suites’ Director of JD Edwards Technology, Frank..
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4 Factors that Affect Barcode Scanning Speed

In our modern, fast-paced business environment, the old saying “I don’t have all day” is more relevant than ever. If someone else can process and..
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Technical Requirements for JDE Barcode Solutions

When it comes to evaluating any potential change in your business architecture, one of your most important considerations will always be the issue of..