ERP Suites at INFOCUS 2022

The JD Edwards event focusing on deep dive information and hands-on learning takes place October 24th - 27th. Register online with Quest to take part in the virtual sessions. 

INFOCUS 22 Starting October 24th

JD Edwards INFOCUS brings together JD Edwards experts to dive deep intRelease 23, Orchestrator, No code/low code, Digital ERP, JD Edwards on OCI, Automation, UX One, Personalization/Extensibility, and more! 

ERP Suites Presentation Schedule

The full INFOCUS agenda is out and includes over 200 sessions. ERP Suites is leading 13 of the presentations covering Orchestration-based scanning, JDE security, Orchestration tips, server manager tips, HCM with Mobility, 64-bit migration, and more. If you register, check out our sessions below and add the ones that interest you to your calendar.


Monday, October 24

Quest Technology SIG GEEK MEET! All Things Orchestrations

Presenters: Diane Miller, ERP Suites; Jean Driscoll, Syntax; Don Sauve, Wilbur-Ellis Company

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

This room will start out with a brief introduction to Orchestrations. Then, get your Orchestration ideas ready to enter into a simple request system. We will randomly pick one of them and build that orchestration during the meeting. But wait – who doesn’t like prizes? Everyone who submits an Orchestration idea can enter a drawing for prizes!


Tuesday, October 25

Dayton Lamina leverages JDE WMS & Orchestration based barcoding solution to leverage JDE better

Presenters: Dave Sexton, ERP Suites; Barbara Lipps, Dayton Lamina

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

With all of the pressure on today’s supply chain, Dayton Lamina was losing business due to fill rates. Dayton Lamina’s division (PCS) wanted to better utilize JD Edwards by removing their bolt-on WMS and Scanning infrastructure. They needed tighter integration of data and reduced costs. Their business objective was to reduce errors in shipping, increase the productivity of their material handlers and reduce the added cost of supporting multiple systems. Their success story was built around better utilization of JD Edwards native functionality and taking advantage of an Orchestration-based scanning solution.

Objective: How to reduce bolt-on solutions and reduce complexity to maximize your investment in and the power of JD Edwards.


Protecting JDE from Ransomware: A Deep Dive

Presenters: Paul Shearer and Shawn Meade, ERP Suites

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Security breaches are happening on almost a daily basis. These are not limited to just Mom and Pop shops, but increasing major corporations are under attack as well. How are these failures occurring and more importantly, how do we secure EnterpriseOne against them? What are the threat vectors for EnterpriseOne? What challenges does the cloud introduce or mitigate? Come to this session to create your JD Edwards security checklist.

  • Tools for consideration to identify and/ or ward off an attack vector
  • Delivery of actionable information to secure EnterpriseOne for your organization
  • A discussion on the pros and cons of running JDE on cloud as related to security threats


EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Tech Tips

Presenter: Frank Jordan, ERP Suites

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

EnterpriseOne Orchestration tips and tricks experienced from the technology perspective. Learn some of the architecture, configuration, and areas to pay attention to implementing and troubleshooting orchestrations.

  • Orchestration/AIS architectures to consider for development/prototype and production
  • Lessons learned at various implementations for Orchestrator Studio and AIS to ensure they are working well in your configuration
  • "Gotchas" and troubleshooting orchestrations, AIS, and JAS


Wednesday, October 26

A Disaster Recovery Plan that Actually Works

Presenter: Paul Shearer, ERP Suites

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

It’s often joked that the best disaster recovery plan is an updated resume. This really used to be the case. Disaster recovery exercises, or an actual disaster, was often just that, a disaster. And a costly disaster at that. The good news is that advances in technology have driven most of the cost, labor, and uncertainty out of disaster recovery.
  • Understanding the current state of tools and technologies for protecting your systems and databases.
  • How to replace your outdated DR run book with DR-as-code.
  • Checklist of items things that always trip everyone up during a DR. 


EnterpriseOne Server Manager Tips/Tricks

Presenter: Frank Jordan, ERP Suites

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

EnterpriseOne CNC Tips based on over 20 years of consulting experience and usage of Server Manager.
  • EnterpriseOne Server Manager architecture
  • Server Manager features and CNC tips such as the provisioning, monitoring, alerting, and managing of the E1 instances.
  • Example of using the Server Manager REST API from an E1 Page  


Mass employee benefits enrollment using back office self service functionality

Presenter: Marta DiDomenico, ERP Suites

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Mass enrollment of employee benefits in JDE is complicated and time-consuming, as JDE doesn't provide that functionality out of the box. Employee Self-Service functionality can be used to facilitate this process in a much shorter amount of time.


Avoiding Costly Oracle Database Licensing Mistakes

Presenter: Paul Shearer, ERP Suites

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

What is a processor? Did you know that an identical Intel or AMD CPU is counted differently for licensing depending on where it's located? How do you unravel this mystery and not end up owing Oracle hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process? Glad you asked. This session will cover some of the nuances of Oracle database licensing deployed in the cloud and how it’s fundamentally different than on-premise.
  • Understanding how many processor licenses you need when deploying on AWS, Azure, or OCI and how this compares to on-premises.
  • Avoiding misdirection when counting processors.
  • Advanced techniques for minimizing your Oracle licensing liability.


Using Orchestration technology with HCM for Employee Self Service, W2's, Pay Stubs and Benefits Enrollment from a mobile device

Presenters: Dave Sexton and Marta DiDomenico, ERP Suites

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Customer employees demanded remote, real-time access to their employment and benefits data in an effort to be self-sufficient. Learn how customers leveraged JD Edwards HCM to empower their employees. Employees can now review W2s, paystubs and even enroll in benefits on their mobile devices (phone or tablet) utilizing Oracle Orchestration technology. Weitz significantly reduced the time and effort of their back-office employees. Weitz increased their HCM staff’s productivity and employee satisfaction. With Mobility, they kept sensitive data secure in JDE, and eliminated the need to export or expose employee data to a third-party application. Also, hear how Weitz and other companies are using Mobility for open enrollment, significantly reducing the time and labor of all employees through a simple, friendly, user interface.
Objectives: How to use phones and tablets so that employees have a simple, user-friendly UI for JDE HCM in a self-service environment.


Thursday, October 27

Ford Meter Box leverages Orchestration technology for Industry 4.0 value and business advantages

Presenters: Dave Sexton, ERP Suites; Cheryl Working, Ford Meter Box

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

The latest Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is driven by cyber-physical technology advancements on the factory floor. Ford Meter Box leveraged Oracle’s orchestration technology to integrate critical factory equipment to minimize shipping errors and potential liability issues. They have leveraged Orchestration as their pathway into Industry 4.0 to include scanning, time entry, and work order completions. The additional benefits have resulted in reduced errors, data entry, and labor while increasing quality, capacity, and profits.
Objectives: How to better use JD Edwards and Orchestrations on the shop floor.


The E1 64-bit Migration Tips & Tricks

Presenters: Frank Jordan, ERP Suites

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Release 22 is delivered with 64-bit application/tools only. This is a technology/CNC perspective of the 64-bit migration and tips & tricks from consulting engagements for installations and upgrades
  • Overall 64-bit EnterpriseOne architecture and features
  • Details on the 64-bit installation/migration
  • Tips & Tricks encountered along with gotchas


Tredegar's success story going to OCI Cloud & an Orchestration based scanning solution

Presenters: Dave Sexton and John Denman, ERP Suites; Joe Hebner, Tredegar Film Products

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Tredegar was in the difficult position of being spun off within a short window and a hard deadline. They needed to bring JD Edwards into Oracle’s cloud while reducing the costs associated with third-party products. They found a solution that leveraged Oracle’s Orchestration technology that saved them significant costs from their traditional Scanning vendor. Leveraging a strong team and partnership, Tredegar was able to convert 18 scripts to Orchestrations running on hand-held scanners with little impact on their end-user material handlers. Tredegar successfully hit all their dates and financial objectives from the divestiture with no impact on their customers or employees!
Objective: Reducing complexity and reliance on bolt-on applications. Leveraging native JDE and Oracle Orchestration technology.

JD Edwards Experts

You can't watch all the sessions INFOCUS22 has to offer so let ERP Suites answer the questions you have. We have years of JDE experience combined with industry experts to help you. Contact us today and we can discuss your questions or tailor a presentation to your company.