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The future of JD Edwards orchestration in business

We kicked off our orchestration blog series to help JDE users better understand what EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is and why it matters to business. Form importing and exporting data to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we explored the capabilities and potential. What’s next? We leave this series with our thoughts on the future of orchestrations.

Results-driven digital strategy

“Show me the money.” 

Leadership isn’t satisfied with vague results; they want to see an actual return on their investment. Unfortunately, business partners aren’t brought into the process early enough to set that standard. In most cases, the IT department is the first to interact with new software enhancements. Orchestrations are no different. Often JDE system administrators and software developers start by exploring Orchestrator capabilities and performing test and learn exercises in isolation. Once confident, they request funding for projects that might make use of the tool, but the business fails to see the value. Our advice: involve the business early, even if you don’t have AIS and Orchestrator Studio installed yet. Build use cases around business challenges that are easy to quantify and leverage those cases to fund a tools upgrade.

Continuous Orchestrator enhancements

“To infinity and beyond!”

Building solutions around JDE orchestrations is a smart strategy for any organization. If you caught the most recent tools release accountment, you know Oracle continues to invest heavily in Orchestrator functionality. We’re especially excited about the ability to call a Business Function directly from an orchestration step. This feature has the potential to improve orchestration performance by eliminating the overhead of opening an application. Each Oracle enhancement brings a more significant opportunity for businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Business process automation

“Just keep swimming.”

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced companies to work remotely and, in some unfortunate cases, reduce staff. Consequently, there’s a renewed focus on employee productivity. Having developed real-world process automation solutions using orchestrations, we’re convinced this technology can play a significant support role. Now is the ideal time to build relevant use cases—including JDE orchestration—to automate every day, repeatable business processes. 

Need help getting started or taking your strategy to the next level? Click to learn about Orchestrator Services. ERP Suites is a JD Edwards Gold Partner and winner of the 2019 Oracle Distinguished Partner Award for Successful Adoption of Orchestrator.