Eric Poff

Eric Poff

As the Chief Advisory Officer at ERP Suites, Eric Poff sits on the leading edge of digital technology. Customers lean on him to drive meaningful process improvement with measurable results. His product development and work with Orchestrator have earned ERP Suites several JD Edwards Distinguished Partner Awards. He is also a frequent conference presenter dedicated to bringing digital transformation within reach.

The future of JD Edwards orchestration in business

We kicked off our orchestration blog series to help JDE users better understand what EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is and why it matters to business. Form importing and exporting data to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we explored the capabilities and potential. What’s next? We leave this series with our thoughts on the future of orchestrations.

What is ERP Suites Mobility and why now?

Mobile is in ERP Suites' DNA. From remote support services to cross-functional, multi-state teamwork, we embrace the advantages of mobile solutions. Yet we wondered, "Why can't our JD Edwards customers experience the same benefits that mobile applications offer?" From a commitment to see them succeed, ERP Suites Mobility was born.

Making the most of digital technology in a business built on JDE

Digital technology is no longer a point of distinction. It’s an expectation. Yet, the vast majority of JDE customers are not taking advantage of it. Why? Because internet of things, automation, machine learning—all sound like daunting tasks, not to mention expensive endeavors. Start small with orchestration. Understanding when and how to apply digital technology is the first step to big wins.

Orchestration — your IoT gateway to JD Edwards

Our previous blogs showed how to use orchestrations to export data from and import data into JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. But they can do much more than that. Orchestrations can also automate business processes, making them great for IoT.


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