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MSP vs. MSSP: a summertime analogy to sort out the differences

MSP and MSSP, did you know these are initialisms and not acronyms? I'm not sure it matters, but the one letter difference sure does. Both describe..
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The surprisingly wide world of cybersecurity penetration testing

Cybersecurity penetration testing (pen testing) is a process often performed by groups engaged in ethical hacking. Acting in an authorized manner,..
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Automated data collection: a machine learning use case for SMBs

Machine learning and AI projects are a reality. I’m not talking about long learning curve big tech. I mean, these are opportunities for small to..
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Hands-down favorites: automated data entry options for JDE systems

Let's not mix words. Manual data entry is a time suck. It's prone to mistakes too. If you've shied away from solutions due to cost and complexity,..
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Remote workforce cybersecurity: the basics of a long-term solution

The Covid pandemic forced organizations to see the necessity of remote workforce solutions for business continuity. And this mindset persists...
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Kick shop floor automation into higher gear with JDE

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can blast the traditional manufacturing environment with automation if you let it. The feature-rich ERP includes..