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What is ERP Suites Mobility and why now?

Mobile is in ERP Suites' DNA. From remote support services to cross-functional, multi-state teamwork, we embrace the advantages of mobile solutions. Yet we wondered, "Why can't our JD Edwards customers experience the same benefits that mobile applications offer?" From a commitment to see them succeed, ERP Suites Mobility was born.

Mobility impacts business results

In simple terms, ERP Suites Mobility is a mobile application for JD Edwards customers supporting both iOS and Android operating systems. In actuality, it's much more. Mobility is a gateway to process simplification, improved user experience, and information access. With Mobility, you can lower costs or increase sales opportunities.

"But doesn't Oracle already provide out-of-the-box mobile applications for JDE?" Well, yes. They've developed many purpose-built mobile apps. However, Oracle recently announced a significant shift in their mobile strategy. Rather than add more apps, Oracle will concentrate innovation on development tools that enable transformation. They're encouraging the JDE community to embrace Orchestrator and other tools to build the frontend here on out. 

At last month's Quest Digital Forum, Oracle Senior Vice President of Product Development, Lyle Ekdahl, invited customers to re-imagine JDE. And he gave us a hint as to why Oracle may be changing their mobile course. In an interview with the Ford Meter Box Company about their ERP Suites Mobility solution, he said:

"This is a brilliant alternative approach…There are so many changes in the mobility space right now. They're lighter weight. They're much more agile and that's exactly what we've been recommending recently to our customers for the future of their mobile applications."

Mobility grows with your mobile strategy

Mobile is more than hardware and technology—it's about developing a strategy for your business to thrive. We are proud to say that ERP Suites Mobility has been at the forefront of this modern approach to enterprise mobile app development for several years. It gives you access to a cutting edge digital platform that supports not only JD Edwards but business processes that may lie outside your current ERP footprint. That makes it a future-proof solution for today's strategy and those you envision tomorrow.


ERP Suites earned an Oracle JD Edwards Distinguished Partner Award for product innovation including ERP Suites Mobility. Learn more about digital transformation solutions for JD Edwards at