"A little action often spurs a lot of momentum."

Get started with machine learning. These tools can help.

It might be tempting to dismiss machine learning as the buzz word of the hour if it wasn't bestowing such practical results. After all, your Amazon order now ships within 15 minutes, thanks to this technology! Twenty percent of the C-Suite is already using machine learning—eighty percent can't be far from asking you to help them catch up. Do you know where to begin?  

The right tool can lower your machine learning curve

While machine learning has made its case, most people don't know where to start. If you try building a machine learning model the traditional way, you'll likely be frustrated by the steep learning curve and expense. Let me share a shortcut. Amazon SageMaker is a cloud machine-learning platform designed to do the heavy lifting. You can label, build, train, and deploy models quickly with the ease of a single toolset. 

Of course, Amazon SageMaker takes advantage of AWS infrastructure. You get access to a free pricing tier to get your hands dirty. After that, like many other AWS services, you only pay for what you use so you can keep your IT spend flexible. 

To further encourage more people to invest in machine learning models, Amazon offers SageMaker Studio. It's a fully-integrated development environment that comes free with all Amazon SageMaker workloads. With Studio, teams can perform development activates in a single unified visual interface. The more manageable the modeling experience, the more likely users are to keep testing new ideas. 

Machine learning can make the right concept hum 

At ERP Suites, we're partial to another machine learning tool—Amazon Textract. It's one of several AWS services that inspired our intelligent document processing solution. We use Amazon Textract to extract data from back-office documents, like invoices, automatically. Far beyond the capabilities of a standard optical character recognition (OCR) tool, Amazon Textract identifies, understands, and pulls data from any document type. Being a fully managed service, it doesn't depend on manual configuration (custom code) to process millions of documents in hours. Amazon Textract is smart enough to realize when it's looking at structured data too. That allows data to flow seamlessly into our database of choice with continuous precision and speed.

Machine learning has moved from obscurity to practicality. Here are 55 notable statistics that prove it. Tools like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Textract can help you take advantage of the technology and build your own success story.

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