Designing JDE Orchestrator EnterpriseOne architecture

Application Interface Services (AIS) is the magic portal for exposing JD Edwards applications and data. That includes orchestrations. We shared a simple diagram in a previous post. Now let's go deeper into EnterpriseOne architecture to uncover the best plan for installing AIS and Orchestrator on your system.

JDE Orchestrator installation tips for ease and success

At the height of coronavirus memes, I came across a Dilbert-style comic. It asked, “Who led the digital transformation of your company?” and offered three choices: A. The CEO, B. The CTO., or C. COVID-19. The urgent need for efficient, agile business processes has undoubtedly pushed digitization plans to the top of your strategic pile. And if you’re a JDE customer, you’ve likely put Orchestrator Studio there too. Here are a few tips to ensure...

The future of JD Edwards orchestration in business

We kicked off our orchestration blog series to help JDE users better understand what EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is and why it matters to business. Form importing and exporting data to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we explored the capabilities and potential. What’s next? We leave this series with our thoughts on the future of orchestrations.

What is ERP Suites Mobility and why now?

Mobile is in ERP Suites' DNA. From remote support services to cross-functional, multi-state teamwork, we embrace the advantages of mobile solutions. Yet we wondered, "Why can't our JD Edwards customers experience the same benefits that mobile applications offer?" From a commitment to see them succeed, ERP Suites Mobility was born.


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