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Segregation of duties tools simplify JD Edwards reporting

Do you break into a cold sweat when you hear the auditors are coming? I've been there. It isn't a matter of compliance; it's the thought of compiling the segregation of duties (SoD) data to prove it. It's the sound of projects coming to a screeching halt while I shift focus. That's why I headed straight to QSoftware's education session at Collaborate 19.1 I heard they have JD Edwards segregation of duties tools that automate the process. And I wasn't disappointed.

Automating analytics for quicker SoD reporting

QCloud Audit As A Service is a self-service, cloud-based reporting tool that analyzes complex JD Edwards security data for you. Think of the tedious hours it typically takes to identify SoD and format results manually. Now imagine spending a half-hour on setup, then walking away! Go to lunch, hop on a few conference calls, and wait for the email notification to tell you your report is complete.

After a one-time review and selection of conflicts from a list of preset rules, audits are simple. Just log in to QCloud Audit and initiate a request. The SoD audit analysis and reports can be generated overnight and reviewed in the morning. A simple user interface even makes resolution and mitigation faster. How's that for business process improvement?

Lowering the cost of SoD in IT

As a security practice manager, I work with a wide range of customers in various industries with dynamic compliance requirements. I was excited to see that this tool has the flexibility to support them all. Complex disbursement requirements, system resource complications related to archival, even the most complex SoD/SOX processes aren't out of scope.

QCloud Audit supports:

  • Corporate SoD —providing separate IT SoD confirmation results
  • Private corporation SoD — providing SoD analysis without the need for in-depth user knowledge

After 13 years administering SoD and user access reviews—including master data and critical application access—I'm looking forward to these game-changing features:

  • Self-service audit requests
  • Cloud-based processing
  • Completion automation
  • Online review, rejection, and mitigations
  • Audit reporting

Plus, the time-saving potential for myself and my customers will undoubtedly lower costs. 

  • No specialized on-prem software
  • No hardware/software management and licensing
  • No need for technical training

Finally, there's relief from time-consuming manual checks and compliance challenges. Consider QCloud Audit—a best-in-class segregation of duties tool.

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1 Leatherman, Jennifer, Mike Ward. "JD Edwards Security Audit in the Cloud – Be Prepared for the Auditors!" Education session, Collaborate 19, San Antonio, TX, April 10, 2019.