Enhanced Security for ERP Suites Mobility Users

ERP Suites is pleased to announce the latest update to our Mobility application for JD Edwards. In this update, get easier Identity Management for your users via industry-leading Okta and its Auth0 platform which provides high-grade security through multifactor authorization (MFA).  

With this enhanced feature, customers will benefit from the following: 

  • Save time and money via efficient & easy to understand processes 
  • Lower user support time and costs 
  • Peace of mind from having hardened security for mobile applications 

Users are provisioned access to Mobility easily and faster than ever before.  User authentication is handled centrally so users no longer need to manage multiple sets of credentials – gone are the days of needing one set for JD Edwards and a second for Mobility.  This means fewer tickets from users with Mobility credential issues.  Also, rather than storing credentials in a mobile solution, credentials are created, managed, and leveraged via Identity Management systems that are focused on keeping them safe!     

About ERP Suites Mobility 

ERP Suites Mobility extends traditional JD Edwards business processes beyond the four walls of the enterprise and onto the fingertips of users wherever they might be located.  Users have access to business insights, can take action on tasks, process transactions, and more via a modern and intuitive user interface tailored for a mobile device. 

Are you interested in realizing value while taking the next step with ERP Suites Mobility?  Contact ERP Suites to learn more at https://www.erpsuites.com/erp-products/jde-mobile-applications/