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Penetration tester Learn More

The surprisingly wide world of cybersecurity penetration testing

Cybersecurity penetration testing (pen testing) is a process often performed by groups engaged in ethical hacking. Acting in an authorized manner,..
automated data collection with AWS textract flow chart Learn More

Automated data collection: a machine learning use case for SMBs

Machine learning and AI projects are a reality. I’m not talking about long learning curve big tech. I mean, these are opportunities for small to..
factory employee using tablet for automated data entry Learn More

Hands-down favorites: automated data entry options for JDE systems

Let's not mix words. Manual data entry is a time suck. It's prone to mistakes too. If you've shied away from solutions due to cost and complexity,..
Casual businessman losing files Learn More

Remote workforce cybersecurity: the basics of a long-term solution

The Covid pandemic forced organizations to see the necessity of remote workforce solutions for business continuity. And this mindset persists...