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How JDE Architecture Affects 64-Bit Upgrade Costs

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has historically been a 32-bit C Business Function. Many components, like operating systems and web servers, have been..
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4 Steps to Take After a Ransomware Attack

Imagine that you’re busily working at your desk one day when your laptop screen suddenly goes dark and the following message appears:
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How ERP Suites CyberRecovery helps you restore from Ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious type of software that encrypts the contents of your hard drive or database and requires a key to unlock it. It renders your..
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Why is email security important?

In the late 1990s, when email was first becoming widespread, many people reported receiving emails from an individual claiming to be a Nigerian..
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How Scanability Delivers Low Cost of Ownership

Cost of ownership will always be a major factor in any upgrade or change you might be considering for your business’s technical infrastructure. At..
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The 2 Reasons You Can Implement Scanability Fast

Implementing any change in a business operation is always an uncomfortable prospect to at least some degree. To be truly advantageous, change needs..