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Traditonal ERP to Modern ERP — A guide to the digital journey

Behind the acronym What is ERP? We get that question a lot from our friends and family. Gartner, the global research firm, coined the term in the..
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How to prevent phishing when everyone's a target

In March 2020, the FBI's cybercrime division issued a warning to the public about a surge in phishing scams. "Bad actors" were using the weight of..
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Why ransomware prevention is no longer optional for SMEs

Many organizations seek comfort in the notion that ransomware attacks only target 'big business' or those behind world-shaking products. However,..
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Integration methods in JD Edwards: BSSV vs. AIS

Today’s digital ERP occupies a prime space inside the modern organization. Still, it hardly works alone. Part of an ever-growing digital..