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Do I Have Disaster Recovery or High Availability?

A lot is lost when the systems that help us conduct our businesses go down. Time, money, product, reputation (your company’s and your own) are all at..
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Cloud 101: Q&A with Paul Shearer

We’re talking about all things cloud with Paul Shearer, the Cloud executive director with ERP Suites. A longtime JD Edwards professional, Shearer has..
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Get The Most Out of a JD Edwards Disaster Recovery Service

Even the most expertly-designed and meticulously-maintained system architectures are subject to occasional failure, and any downtime you have to..
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ERP Suites at INFOCUS 2022

The JD Edwards event focusing on deep dive information and hands-on learning takes place October 24th - 27th. Register online with Quest to take part..
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4 steps to an effective IT disaster recovery plan

IT disaster recovery doesn’t come with a FEMA trailer in the business world, but the concept is similar. Mother nature. Mechanical failure. Malicious..